MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

In the fast moving world of music technology where equipment is constantly becoming outdated and old standards are routinely abandoned, 20 years after being first developed Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI for short) is still going strong. Put simply MIDI is a digital protocol for storing and transferring musical information. As well as being able to specify notation it can transfer a vast array of parameters, some of which are standardised and some of which can be assigned by the user.

Traditionally MIDI was used to connect a musical keyboard controller to a number of synthesizers or samplers, negating the need for an individual keyboard for each sound device. Modern controllers however can also come in the forms of push buttons, rotary encoders, faders, wind controllers, drum pads or any other device equipped to produce a MIDI signal.

In the last 15 years the computer music revolution has seen the MIDI protocol being adapted into digital audio workstations giving the user the ability to create and edit MIDI data with more ease than ever before. MIDI controllers have been utilised to give users the hands-on feel they lost when transitioning from physical hardware to mouse and keyboard controlled software.

Pro Audio Centre stocks a variety of MIDI controllers including keyboards, pad controllers, DJ controllers and wind controllers from manufacturers such as Akai, M-Audio and Alesis. If you’re looking for the latest addition to your studio inventory or something to make your live performances more interesting then give us a call on 0113 88 00 138 or visit us in at our showroom.

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