DJ Mixers

After the old school vinyl turntable the most recognisable piece of DJ gear is perhaps the DJ mixer, with its brick like shape, chunky faders and distinctive horizontal crossfader. Though DJ mixers have a lot in common with mixers you'd find as part of a typical PA system, i.e. they combine, route and process audio signals, they are designed in a certain format that makes them tailored towards DJs.

The inputs, typically at the back of the mixer, take in the stereo audio signals on each channel. Typically there will be line inputs for connecting CD players or laptops and phono inputs for connecting turntables. Strictly speaking both type of inputs will be on phono sockets, the phono label here indicates the input that has a preamp, bringing the signal from a turntable up to an acceptable level. Often there will be one or two microphone channels with a ΒΌ" jack and/or XLR input.

The output section of a DJ mixer will usually have three separate outputs with individual volume controls and sometimes different mixes, as explained below. The master out is connected to the venues sound system. The booth out is connected to the monitor speakers in the DJ booth. There will also be a separate headphone output on a 1/8" jack socket.

Each channel will have a vertical strip with EQ controls and a volume fader. There may also by on-off switches for each frequency band which are useful for creative purposes. On the right hand side there will be a master channel strip with a fader or knob to control the overall volume of the mix.

In addition to the channel faders DJ mixers will have a crossfader. These are a unique type of fader that, instead of fading a single channel, simultaneously fades one channel in whilst fading another channel out. This is used to smoothly transition from one track to the next, leaving no sudden changes or silence in between.

Apart from the crossfader one unique function of a DJ mixer is the cue function. When this is selected on a channel it routes the audio from that channel to the headphones but not to the master out. This allows the DJ to get to the right point in the track and beatmatch before the crossfader is used to fade the next track in.

If you are a beginner looking for your first set-up or an experienced DJ wanting to get the latest and greatest then take a look at the products we have available from industry leaders such as Pioneer, Numark, American Audio and Citronic. Many items from our DJ mixer selection are available for demo in our showroom along with a variety of other DJing equipment and disco lighting.

If you're not sure which product is the right one for you, give the team or call on 0113 8800138 or drop in to see us in the Leeds showroom.

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