DJ Controllers & Interfaces

The world of DJ equipment, like the rest of the music technology industry, has been significantly affected by the increasing use of computers.

Whilst in the past it was only possible to mix on a dedicated DJ mixer and play back music from a vinyl turntable or CD player, many DJs have forsaken these traditional methods in favour of using DJ computer software. Whilst this brings significant advantages, such as having access to a huge library of music at any one time and negating the need for bulky decks and mixers, it takes away the hands on control DJs have come accustomed to. DJ controllers, whilst not doing any actual mixing themselves, control DJ software with their tangible, physical controls, giving DJs the best of both worlds. Many of these controllers also incorporate interfaces, allowing them to output audio for connection to a pair of monitors or a sound system.

Many of the DJ controllers available will look very similar and have the same controls as traditional DJ equipment. They will have wheels, faders, buttons and switches that match up to the typical controls found on decks and mixers. Many have user assignable controls that can be mapped to parameters on the DJing software as required, for example for applying effects. In fact most controllers will give the option, with the right software, for their controls to be mapped to any function on the computer, allowing for unorthodox applications if required.

As stated above controllers, for the sake of convenience, may also integrate audio interfaces. As any DJ knows, having a cue function is a necessity so these interfaces will have two stereo outputs, one for the main outputs and one for the headphone socket. Many will also have inputs for mixing in and recording sound from external decks and microphones.

Even more recently DJing software has come to handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets, allowing DJs to have a complete mixing set up without even needing a laptop. Many include some type of dock for slotting in the device being used.

Digital DJing has opened realms of possibilities beyond simply mixing between tracks. Controllers are increasingly coming equipped with drum style pads, often used for triggering samples, and grids of multi-coloured buttons, used for triggering loops. Touch screens and motion sensors have been utilised for innovative controlling, sometimes on dedicated, standalone devices and sometimes on applications designed for smartphones and tablets.

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