Installation PA Systems

Whether you need a ceiling speaker PA system for a new retail outlet, a voice alarm PA system for an industrial complex, or a background music PA system for a bar or restaurant, we have a range of easily selectable package deals to at incredible prices. What's more, our friendly knowledgeable team can assist you in making your choice by offering free expert advice.

When you need to make announcements and provide background music in venues and public buildings such as schools, pubs, shops, offices and warehouses the best solution can be a permanent installation system. The bad news? Installation systems can be large, complex and highly confusing, even to PA system gurus. The good news? Available by phone or email are a squad of installation audio specialists ready to give you a personalised, Pro Audio Centre price quote based on your requirements with free support during and after your order.

Below are some of our custom specified installation systems that come with everything you need at great prices. Don't see what you are looking for? Need advice before you buy? Contact us by phone, web, email, or by dropping into the store for free advice today.

100V line installation systems have many advantages over normal PA Systems. They allow longer cable lengths and wiring multiple speakers in parallel to a single amplifier, perfect for providing sound over a large area in a building or outside area. Available for 100V line systems are a wide variety of specialist speakers that can be mounted onto walls and into ceilings for maximum convenience and minimum visibility.

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