Complete PA Systems

The purpose of a PA system is to reinforce sound, whether that be the spoken word, recorded music, or live music. PA systems come in all shapes, sizes and strengths; from the compact portable PA system ideal for making yourself heard in a meeting, to the great big beast of a system that pumps out music to an audience of thousands at a festival.

Here at Pro Audio Centre, we have systems to suit performances of every type and scale. We also like to think we've taken the guesswork out of selecting a PA system, by putting together our very own range of complete PA packages. Each package is designed with a specific aim and audience size in mind, and comes pre-configured with everything you need to work straight out of the box.

Have a question? Not sure a product or package is right for you? Either call us on 0113 8800138, or come and see us in our Leeds showroom. Our friendly technical experts are on hand to answer your questions, and will put together a bespoke package should you have specific needs.

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