Think monitoring solutions are out of your budget? Think again. Affordable monitoring solutions from the likes of Carlsbro, Studio Master, LD Systems, Kam, Behringer, Pulse and many more.

To get the best results from musicians, speakers and other performers monitoring systems are essential. Whilst the main "front of house" system is directed towards the audience monitor systems are directed at the people on stage, often with a personalized mix allowing performers to hear as much or as little as they want to hear. Think monitoring solutions are out of your budget? Think again. We have stocked in our warehouses a wide range of monitoring products and packages for all budgets. And since our team of PA experts provide free advice and quotes you can be sure you are getting the right solution for you.

The most common type of monitor speakers we sell are wedges. These can be conveniently placed on the floor in front of the performer then fed audio either directly from a mixing desk or from an amplifier in the case of passive systems.

As well as on stage monitoring systems we can also supply studio monitors. Our range of studio monitors are the best solution when you need crystal clear audio reproduction from purposes such as recording music, podcasting and DJing. Theyâ€â„¢re compact too, so you don't need to worry about them taking up half of your bedroom studio.

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