Sennheiser E835 3-PACK

Three times the value with this excellent Sennheiser microphone kit.

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Sennheiser E835 3-PACK
Product Description
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Take a bit of guess work out of completing your sound rig: You need three high-quality, road ready microphones at a decent price. Well here they are.

What's better than a vocal microphone with a sparking high-end and a precise low end? Three of them. Maybe it's for a three-way guitar group, maybe it's for a line of backing singers, maybe it's for a conference panel - you can rely on superior sound quality with the Sennheiser E 835.

The Sennheiser E 835 is built to be on stage. It captures sound accurately, even at a distance, off centre and under high levels of sound pressure, all whilst rejecting feedback which can ruin any performance. Noise normally encountered when the microphone is held, put on a stand or moved around is isolated from the signal. Further to that, the shock-ready metal casing means that a little accident needn't be the end of the story. For any performers or technicians it's a dream come true.

Includes three microphone holders for quickly mounting the three E 835 microphones on a stand.

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