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Microphones are transducers; they take one type of energy (sound waves in the air) and convert it into another type of energy (an electrical signal). They achieve this by a variety of methods, however by the far the two most common types on the market are dynamic microphones and condenser microphones. Dynamic microphones are the workhorse of the microphone world. Sound going into a dynamic microphone moves a diaphragm, in turn creating a signal in a coil by electromagnetic induction. They are relatively cheap to build, durable and suitable for many different purposes, in particular on stage.

Condenser microphones contain two thin metal plates with a voltage applied across them. Sound very subtly moves these plates, creating an electrical signal as the distance between them changes. Condenser microphones are very sensitive and produce high quality sound, making them particularly popular in recording studios. To work they require phantom power, a power supply sent down the audio lead itself, which is supplied by mixing desks or battery packs.

When someone says “microphone" most people will imagine a handheld microphone; these can of course be handheld, however they can also be mounted onto stands for use on stage, or on a table for recording podcasts and providing commentaries at events. Headset microphones and lapel microphones (the latter are also known as clip-on or lavalier microphones) are a useful option for when you need to go hands free. Wireless microphones allow the performer greater mobility because of the lack of trailing wires.

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