MITO - RGB Effect Laser

A stunning new laser with over 100 different precision patterns

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MITO - RGB Effect Laser
  • MITO - RGB Effect Laser
  • MITO - RGB Effect Laser
  • MITO - RGB Effect Laser
  • MITO - RGB Effect Laser
Product Description
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MITO - The RGB Effect Laser

MITO is a high powered featuring a bewildering array of patterns and diffraction effects including the popular 'galaxy' '3D', '3D thread' displays. The high precise patterns can be configured via the 23 channel DMX-512 control. The MITO can display two different patterns simultaneously and even mimic a two head laser system. Like all lasers the MITO performs best when projected on to an even flat surface, through smoke if at all possible. The MITO is an excellent addition to a growing lighting rig or for use in installations such as discos, nightclubs or bars where it can produce a stunning laser display as a permanent fixture.

  • Over 100 different patterns
  • Key controlled for laser safety
  • RGB colour mixing can produce up to 7 colours
  • Wide refraction angle and scan area
  • 1420mW total laser power
  • DMX controls rotation, rotation around axes, zoom, scan & colour
  • Two head laser system modulation
  • Separate DMX channels control two individual pattern displays simultaneously
  • We recommend that this product is used within the guidelines HSG95
  • Auto, sound-to-light, pattern select and 23 channel DMX modes
  • 15 different diffraction grating effects
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