Equinox Aries 200mW Red/Yellow/Green Laser Disco Light

This Exceptionally bright 200mW multi-colour laser uses high speed optical scanning stepper motors that create stunning animations.

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Equinox Aries 200mW Red/Yellow/Green Laser Disco Light
Product Description
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These animations are superb when projected onto walls without smoke. Additionally the Aries produces many laser patterns that are ideal with haze or fog. The high power DPSS red 130mW and green 70mW diodes far outshine other comparable units, and they mix together to create a super bright yellow colour. The Aries is an 16 channel DMX laser that is capable of operating via in-built programmes as stand alone or DMX via the XLR sockets, the built-in microphone lets the Aries sequence through it's programmes to the beat of the music. Animations Include amongst many others a walking cat, running dinosaur and horse, dancing lady character and a flying bird. The patterns include circles, squares, waves and flat lines. The combination of red and green laser diodes combine to create another dimension with state of the art three colour geometric patterns and animations. Housed in a tough metal case the Aries is ideal for installation or ready to take the rigors of on the road use.


  • DMX Channels:16
  • Sound active, auto and DMX modes
  • Output power: 1 x 70mW green 532nM, 1 x 130mW red 650nM
  • Micro-stepping motor scanner with extra wide scanner angle
  • Patterns/Animations: 224 bi-directional images that can be zoomed, rotated and expanded through the X, Y and Z axis, in 3 colour combinations
  • Connection: 3-pin XLR for DMX
  • Power consumption: 80W
  • Power supply: 240V
  • Dimensions: 314 x 240 x 148mm
  • Weight: 3.2Kgs
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