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  1. LD Systems DVOX Review

    This latest addition to LD Systems’ growing microphone section is the LD Systems DVOX – a large diaphragm studio condenser, which claims a suitability to vocals, acoustic instruments (such as piano, guitar and woodwind) and as a room microphone. To find out whether it’s set to rival microphone giants such as Audio-Technica and Electro-Voice by delivering a high-grade, professional studio microphone at a fraction of the price, I donned my headphones, broke out my ever-growing collection of musical instruments, and spent the evening putting the LD Systems DVOX through its paces.

    First Impressions

    The DVOX comes with an aluminium, foam-lined flightcase, microphone shock mount and windscreen. I particularly like the design of the shock mount which capitalises on the shape of the microphone by being open at the fr

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  2. Studio Microphone Basics

    Though microphones can be, and often are, multi-purpose the distinction of ‘studio microphone’ has come about due to the very specific design requirements that come from microphones to be used for studio recording.

    What is a Studio Microphone?

    I’m often asked “what differentiates a Studio Microphone from a microphone that you might use in a live setting?”

    Firstly there is a much greater requirement for sound quality and the ability to pick up detail when recording in the studio. This gives rise to the common association with the studio and the large diaphragm condenser microphone which, whilst being unsuitable for live use due to their size and lack of durability, are perfectly suited to these requirements. Whilst in a large, echoey room a lack of clarity, noise levels and distortion are easily masked, listeners enjoying a studio recording on a pair of headphones or high quality hi-fi will be less forgiving.

    Secondly there is less of an emphasis on

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  3. Audio Technica AT2020USB+ Review

    The more common mixing desk and USB audio interface setup is being fast replaced by USB/firewire desks. More recently USB microphones, which save on space and money, are growing in popularity, versatility and quality so I teamed up with local musician Matthew Johnstone to find out how this latest offering from Audio Technica stood up to the more traditional arrangement.

    Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Main Image

    Setup and First Impressions

    My experience of USB mics had been disappointing thus far but I had high expectations going into this session seen as the AT2020 was a studio mic in it’s own right prior to the release of the AT2020USB and new AT2020USB+ with headphone amplifier, volume and mix control. Both these newer offeri

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