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QTX QR12PA Review

Portable PA Systems are gaining popularity amongst presenters, fitness instructors and performers alike, offering a cost-effective alternative to bulky, cumbersome and complex traditional Public Address arrangements. Furthermore, battery powered PA’s are eliminating the need for a mains supply, adding to the versatility of these units. The QRPA Series comes with 10”, 12” and 15” low […]

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PA for a Youth Theatre Group

Today we were contacted by a youth theatre group looking for some new equipment for rehearsals and concerts.  They wanted a small compact system, easy to transport and set up with the ability to connect iPod, iPad and DVD payer and they also wanted some Wireless Microphones.  Groups such as this typically require a system […]

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QTX Moving Head for £199

QTX Moving Head

For the first time ever at Soundsavers, a moving head for less than £200! 6 x 4-in-1 RGBW Quad LEDs on a compact moving head. Auto, sound activated and DMX modes are all present in this compact unit from QTX. This is an introductory price and only whilst initial stock lasts. The QTX MW-6 Quad Colour Mini Moving […]

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