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HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 Review

HK Audio Nano 300

When you work at a shop specialising in PA equipment, choosing what PA to buy for yourself is both an easy and difficult choice.  Easy because I’ve got gear from some of the world’s best brands to demo to my heart’s content.  But also difficult because I know just how many great options there are […]

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QTX QR12PA Review

Portable PA Systems are gaining popularity amongst presenters, fitness instructors and performers alike, offering a cost-effective alternative to bulky, cumbersome and complex traditional Public Address arrangements. Furthermore, battery powered PA’s are eliminating the need for a mains supply, adding to the versatility of these units. The QRPA Series comes with 10”, 12” and 15” low […]

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Zumba Class PA Systems

At Soundsavers we take calls every day from customers all over the country looking for advice on what PA system to buy for their requirements. Over the last year one query has become more and more common: “What PA should I buy for my Zumba class?” As we’ve found when dealing with these queries Zumba […]

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Kam Transporter 300 Review

Kam Transporter 300

When customers call Pro Audio Centre to get advice on buying a PA system there’s one thing we find ourselves saying again and again: “What about a Kam Transporter?” The Kam Transporter is a highly flexible 300W PA with a number of features that make it a cut above the rest. Unpacked the system consists […]

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Training and Presentation PA System

Today, one of our requests was for a professional sound system to be used by a high profile company specialising in the presentation and training field.  The customer specified that the system had to have “high performance loudspeakers and ultra clear headset microphones”. Armed with this spec, off I went to source items from our […]

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PA for a Youth Theatre Group

Today we were contacted by a youth theatre group looking for some new equipment for rehearsals and concerts.  They wanted a small compact system, easy to transport and set up with the ability to connect iPod, iPad and DVD payer and they also wanted some Wireless Microphones.  Groups such as this typically require a system […]

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Wedding Ceremony PA System

We had an interesting call today, from a Lady who runs civil wedding ceremonies.  She wanted to know…. Can you quote for a PA system for wedding presentations within a £400 budget? Not a problem for us here at Soundsavers! Behringer Europort EPA150 Portable PA System  £229 Chord UH2 DUAL Handheld Microphone UHF Wireless System […]

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Pulse Megamouth MKII Review

Pulse Megamouth MKII

The Pulse Megamouth was undoubtedly one of our favourite products so we were encouraged to hear Pulse had introduced a new Mk II version, shortly before the original line was to be discontinued. At first glance the new Megamouth looks almost identical to it’s predecessor and you’d be hard pushed to differentiate the two by looking […]

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