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EPA Series of PA Systems Launched

Pro Audio Centre has always prided itself on being able to provide PA and lighting to those on a budget, providing the best in low cost gear and big name brands at knock down prices. One of our biggest sellers has always been our range of complete PA systems. So for 2013 we are happy […]

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An Intermediate Guide to Mixing Desks

Alto Mixer

In the last article we had a look at the basic functionality shared by all mixers from the standpoint of a typical small mixer. In this article we will expand on this by looking at the features you’ll find on a larger ‘intermediate’ mixer. A quick note about something that’s important to understand when using […]

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Alto Pro Audio Gear now Available

The Pro Audio Centre team are excited to announce that we are now supplying Alto Professional PA equipment. State of the art design from a team of passionate audio engineers means that Alto can provide superior quality products at an affordable price. When you buy Alto equipment from Pro Audio Centre you can be assured […]

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Basic Guide to Mixing Desks

Small Mixer

In this article, I’ll be presenting you with a complete beginner’s guide to working your way around small, basic mixers.  This is the first article of several on the subject of mixing desks, this article serving to introduce basic concepts that will be expanded upon in the subsequent articles. Why do I need a Mixing […]

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Basics of Equalisation

Equalisation is the name given to the process of boosting or cutting frequencies to improve the tonal quality of your sound system.  In this short article I’ll give you my views on equalisation, how it can help and where to get started. How can equalisation help me? Equalisation can improve your sound noticeably and improve […]

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How to Wire Mono Jack Type Speaker Plugs

In this article, I’ll explain how to wire a conventional mono jack speaker plug.  The article assumes  you have cables, plugs, wire strippers, solder and soldering iron. Check which kind of 1/4-inch jack you need. The cables and jacks are available in both mono and stereo. Remove the outer shielding from the audio cable if […]

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Portable DJ’ing Rig for Dance Music

When putting together a PA system to play dance music over, there are two main considerations to be taken into account: Volume and bass response. Dance music is, by its nature, meant to be played loud. Therefore, as a minimum, for small venues you need a system with a power output of 2 x 200W […]

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Professional Wireless Vocal Microphone

We received a message from a customer requiring some advice on choosing a professional wireless vocal microphone. We have many high quality wireless microphone systems in stock, so it’s often the case of matching the right microphone to the person.  After speaking to the customer, I found that she had a very clear voice with […]

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Kam Transporter 300 Review

Kam Transporter 300

When customers call Pro Audio Centre to get advice on buying a PA system there’s one thing we find ourselves saying again and again: “What about a Kam Transporter?” The Kam Transporter is a highly flexible 300W PA with a number of features that make it a cut above the rest. Unpacked the system consists […]

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How to Wire 4 Pole Speakon Plugs

Wiring a Speakon plug is relatively simple, when you know how!  This article is a step by step guide to wiring a 4 pole Speakon plug. Unscrew the barrel from the connector by turning it anti-clockwise, and separate the cable clamp and insert from the housing. Strip back approx 20mm of outside insulation sleeve from […]

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