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ld systems

  1. Introducing the LD Systems MAUI 28 MIX

    In recent years the market place has been literally flooded with new and creative solutions to that age old question “how am I ever going to fit this PA system into the back of my Volkswagen Golf hatchback?”

    Well around 2 years ago German company LD Systems released the MAUI 28″ column system, which became a best seller over night. This success motivated them to shrink down the technology further into a more compact system in the form of the MAUI 11. Fast-forward to October 2013 and LD are set to bring out a new addition to their monolithic “line array” range with the MAUI 28MIX.

    What’s new in the MAUI 28Mix?

    In terms of specifications very little has changed from the original MAUI, It’s 5-way Class AB amplifier still delivers 400w (that’s 200 Watts direct to the sub and another 200W for the array section), both of which can be manually adjusted depending on how much top or bottom you require. it still has Frequency response of 45 – 20.000hz and still has a

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  2. LD Systems DVOX Review

    This latest addition to LD Systems’ growing microphone section is the LD Systems DVOX – a large diaphragm studio condenser, which claims a suitability to vocals, acoustic instruments (such as piano, guitar and woodwind) and as a room microphone. To find out whether it’s set to rival microphone giants such as Audio-Technica and Electro-Voice by delivering a high-grade, professional studio microphone at a fraction of the price, I donned my headphones, broke out my ever-growing collection of musical instruments, and spent the evening putting the LD Systems DVOX through its paces.

    First Impressions

    The DVOX comes with an aluminium, foam-lined flightcase, microphone shock mount and windscreen. I particularly like the design of the shock mount which capitalises on the shape of the microphone by being open at the fr

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