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  1. Portable DJ’ing Rig for Dance Music

    When putting together a PA system to play dance music over, there are two main considerations to be taken into account: Volume and bass response.

    Dance music is, by its nature, meant to be played loud. Therefore, as a minimum, for small venues you need a system with a power output of 2 x 200W rms (The 2 x refers to having two speakers). It’s important to take note here that I specified the power output in rms (also referred to as continuous), not in maximum or program. This is because a manufacturer, for example, may advertise an amplifier as producing an output of 2 x 500W. This sounds impressive at first glance, however, after taking a look at the specifications you might find that the 500W quoted is the maximum power output per channel, which applies only to sudden transients, and that it only realistically supplies 125W rms.

    Dance music has an emphasis on low frequency components, in particular the kick drum and

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  2. QTX Moving Head for £199

    For the first time ever at Soundsavers, a moving head for less than £200! 6 x 4-in-1 RGBW Quad LEDs on a compact moving head. Auto, sound activated and DMX modes are all present in this compact unit from QTX. This is an introductory price and only whilst initial stock lasts.

    The QTX MW-6 Quad Colour Mini Moving Head is now available to buy at Soundsavers

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