HH Tessen and Tessen X now on demo at Pro Audio Centre

We think that HH Electronics’ gear might be the best kept secret in the Pro Audio world.  Founded in the 60’s in Cambridge, HH Electronics has long been a staple for music industry professionals when it comes to guitar amps.  In the modern era they provide high-end PA systems informed by 50 years of design and engineering here in the UK.  The result truly needs to be heard to be believed.


The TESSEN series is the mainstay of the HH Electronic’s high-end PA products. Given a considerable revamp in 2017, you can rest assured your PA gets high marks with onboard DSP, premium drivers and 1600W of Class D power – but that only scratches the surface of the engineering which goes into these loudspeakers.  Like all of the HH Electronics full-range loudspeakers we have in-store they feature preset and variable EQ, automatic feedback suppression and options for floor, stand and suspension mounting.  From the TESSEN series we offer in-store demonstrations of the TNE-1201, TNE-1501 and TNS-1800 subwoofer.


The TESSEN-X series is the choice for discerning professionals and demanding applications.  As well as all the features found on the TESSEN range, they also include Celestion transducers, 2600W of power and all-round increased design prowess.  HH Electronics know customers will be keen to ensure their investment is protected, so TESSEN-X loudspeakers feature multiple layers of speaker protection, multi-layer plywood construction and 15.mm steel grills.  From the TESSEN-X series we offer in-store demonstrations of the TNX-1201.


Still need be convinced? Hear one and we think you will be. Call on 0113 88 00 138 or email at sales@proaudiocentre.com to arrange a demonstration.

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