LD Systems DVOX Review

This latest addition to LD Systems’ growing microphone section is the LD Systems DVOX – a large diaphragm studio condenser, which claims a suitability to vocals, acoustic instruments (such as piano, guitar and woodwind) and as a room microphone. To find out whether it’s set to rival microphone giants such as Audio-Technica and Electro-Voice by […]

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HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 Review

HK Audio Nano 300

When you work at a shop specialising in PA equipment, choosing what PA to buy for yourself is both an easy and difficult choice.  Easy because I’ve got gear from some of the world’s best brands to demo to my heart’s content.  But also difficult because I know just how many great options there are […]

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Studio Microphone Basics

Though microphones can be, and often are, multi-purpose the distinction of ‘studio microphone’ has come about due to the very specific design requirements that come from microphones to be used for studio recording. What is a Studio Microphone? I’m often asked “what differentiates a Studio Microphone from a microphone that you might use in a […]

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Free Audio Interface with Avid Pro Tools 11

Avid Pro Tools

I’m glad to report Pro Audio Centre is now a reseller of Avid Technology’s products.  Avid are of course the developers of the industry standard Pro Tools, used by professionals throughout the audio industry.  They also have a few tasty little interfaces that we’ll be stocking. Free Avid Fast Track Solo Well…. kind of.  Let […]

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Electro-Voice Dealership Agreed

Electro-Voice Dealer UK

Pro Audio Centre is pleased to announce that we are now a UK main dealer for Electro-Voice, with a selection of products ready for demo in our brand new showroom in Headingley, Leeds. Founded back in 1930 Electro-Voice are a world leading manufacturer of professional loudspeakers and microphones. Sound engineers everywhere rely on ‘EV’; take […]

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Audio Technica AT2020USB+ Review

The more common mixing desk and USB audio interface setup is being fast replaced by USB/firewire desks. More recently USB microphones, which save on space and money, are growing in popularity, versatility and quality so I teamed up with local musician Matthew Johnstone to find out how this latest offering from Audio Technica stood up […]

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QTX QR12PA Review

Portable PA Systems are gaining popularity amongst presenters, fitness instructors and performers alike, offering a cost-effective alternative to bulky, cumbersome and complex traditional Public Address arrangements. Furthermore, battery powered PA’s are eliminating the need for a mains supply, adding to the versatility of these units. The QRPA Series comes with 10”, 12” and 15” low […]

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Alesis Transactive Wireless

Transactive Wireless at Soundsavers

It was with disappointment that we heard the news that Alesis were to discontinue their incredibly popular Transactive Mobile.  For several years it’s been a real favourite with many of our customers, ranging from Zumba class teachers to buskers.  Whilst there are now several other similar products from different manufacturers out there, the Alesis was […]

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Soundsavers Office Move Complete

As we inch closer to opening the new Leeds store, things are really starting to take shape.  When we first took the keys, the building was in complete disrepair and at times we started to question whether we were making the right move. One month has since passed and the building has been subject to […]

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Leeds Pro Audio Store Set to Open Soon

It’s been months in the making but we’ve finally moved into our new offices today!  The paint isn’t quite dry and we’re still carpet-less but we’ve got the basics..  running water, kettle, Internet and stereo. The shop floor is coming along nicely and we’re hoping to open our doors to the public in a couple […]

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