Video Streaming Live DJ Sets

Using various cameras strategically positioned in and around the Pro Audio Centre Studio, we’ll soon be broadcasting regular mid-week DJ sets.

Pro Audio Studio DJ 1

The doors of the Pro Audio Centre Studio have been open for a couple weeks and fans of our Facebook page will have noticed we’ve been broadcasting audio from DJ sets and acoustic acts, live over the Internet.  What you won’t have noticed is that we’ve also been testing the technology that will enable us to stream video of these events, live.

Pro Audio Studio DJ 9

We invited a few DJ’s down on Saturday evening and spent time during their sets experimenting with various camera positions, angles and lenses.  We’ve since made a few tweaks, bought some more equipment and now we’re ready to stream!

Pro Audio Studio DJ 10

Details of upcoming events, including DJ sets and acoustic sessions will be published on our Facebook page in the coming days and weeks, so watch this space.

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  1. Andrew December 11, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    Great idea guys, I don’t live too far away either so I will come down next time. 🙂

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