Soundsavers Office Move Complete

As we inch closer to opening the new Leeds store, things are really starting to take shape.  When we first took the keys, the building was in complete disrepair and at times we started to question whether we were making the right move.

One month has since passed and the building has been subject to roofing work, a complete re-wire, change of layout, new kitchen, installation of heating and new flooring.  Not to mention painting.  Lots and lots of painting.

I’m glad to report we moved to the new offices last week without any disruption to the online business and we’re now concentrating on the lighting and audio showrooms which we’re planning to open to the public by the end of the month.


Where is Soundsavers?

The new Soundsavers HQ is a 2300 Sq Ft Victorian building, located in the centre of Headingley, Leeds.  Previously used by ‘Handy Hire’ the building is well known to those in Leeds.  We share the Headingley Taps’ car park and our entrance is accessed via a door leading onto the car park.  For those that don’t know the area, the Headingley Taps is a pub.  Close proximity to a pub wasn’t on the checklist of property criteria but I’m sure we’ll make good use of having a beer garden 10 yards away!

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