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Kris Heath

  1. HH Tessen and Tessen X now on demo at Pro Audio Centre

    We think that HH Electronics’ gear might be the best kept secret in the Pro Audio world.  Founded in the 60’s in Cambridge, HH Electronics has long been a staple for music industry professionals when it comes to guitar amps.  In the modern era they provide high-end PA systems informed by 50 years of design and engineering here in the UK.  The result truly needs to be heard to be believed.

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  2. Dynacord Dealership Agreed

    At Pro Audio Centre we pride ourselves in our ability to provide performers, venues and public organisations with the best quality PA brands available on the market. Which is why we're so excited to now be able to offer you the full Dynacord range - public address equipment that's been designed with ‘German Engineering Excellence’ to be the best in its class. Throughout the 20th century and up to the present day, Dynacord has been exclusively designed and manufactured in Germany using world class research and technology. Their commitment to quality shows - as well as offering a level of performance respected throughout the industry, Dynacord boasts a failure rate of less than 1%.


    Corus Evolution

    The Dynacord CORUS-Evolution series of passive spe

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  3. Beginner's Guide to Home Recording: Part 2

    In Part 1we looked at what equipment you need to get started with home recording. In this article we will go through how to put your gear into use to make a home recording, step by step.

    Step 1: Prepare your room

    Before recording it’s a good idea to find a suitable room to record in, or at least make some basic preparations. What you want to achieve here is a ‘dry’ recording, meaning that you are getting as much of the sound as possible directly from source, whilst minimising the reflected sound coming back from the walls of the room. Curtains, sofas, bookcases or anything else that will absorb or break up reflections are good, and yes, hanging up some duvets can be a big help. In recent years ‘portable vocal booths’ (semi-circles of reflective material attached to a mic stand) have become very popular, and can provide a very respectable control of reflections on a budget. When recording vocal takes, ‘pop’ sounds from certain syllables can ruin otherwise good recor

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  4. Yamaha STAGEPAS 400i & 600i Review

    Yamaha Stagepas

    The ‘portable’ sector of the PA market is growing fast with manufacturers competing to meet the demand for systems that are compact, easy to transport and simple to use. Pro Audio veterans Yamaha made a splash in 2006 with the STAGEPAS series, a range of portable PA’s consisting of two speakers and a mixer/amp unit. Providing great sound quality whilst only taking up a tiny footprint, Yamaha STAGEPAS systems have been a long standing favourite for solo performers, community centres and schools.

    Now Yamaha has revamped the STAGEPAS range with the 400i and 600i. From the moment the first demo units arrived at our showroom, they became a firm favourite with the staff and customers. Yamaha have built on the success of the first STAGEPAS systems with an even better quality sound output and a set of features t

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  5. Beginner’s Guide To Home Recording: Part 1

    So you’ve got a PC (or perhaps a Mac), some tunes you want to share with the world, and have decided to enter the exciting world of home recording - but you don’t know the first thing about it. Well this guide is for you - the complete beginner. Just two decades ago, multi-track recording wasn’t possible without purchasing a room full of expensive gear or paying sky high studio rental prices. But now, with some basic equipment and a bit of knowledge you can knock out some half decent recordings at home all on a shoestring budget. Here’s how to do it...

    Getting Started

    I can use the microphone socket on my laptop, right? Not really. The built-in sound cards on most computers might be alright for recording a quick voice memo, but they aren’t up to the job of recording a studio microphone or instrument with an acceptable quality. This brings us to the first essential piece of gear you will require for home recording - an audio interface. This is basically a sound card

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  6. Studio Microphone Basics

    Though microphones can be, and often are, multi-purpose the distinction of ‘studio microphone’ has come about due to the very specific design requirements that come from microphones to be used for studio recording.

    What is a Studio Microphone?

    I’m often asked “what differentiates a Studio Microphone from a microphone that you might use in a live setting?”

    Firstly there is a much greater requirement for sound quality and the ability to pick up detail when recording in the studio. This gives rise to the common association with the studio and the large diaphragm condenser microphone which, whilst being unsuitable for live use due to their size and lack of durability, are perfectly suited to these requirements. Whilst in a large, echoey room a lack of clarity, noise levels and distortion are easily masked, listeners enjoying a studio recording on a pair of headphones or high quality hi-fi will be less forgiving.

    Secondly there is less of an emphasis on

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  7. EPA Series of PA Systems Launched

    Pro Audio Centre has always prided itself on being able to provide PA and lighting to those on a budget, providing the best in low cost gear and big name brands at knock down prices. One of our biggest sellers has always been our range of complete PA systems. So for 2013 we are happy to announce the introduction of our EPA range of complete PA systems starting at just £215.

    EPA Range Bargain Value PA Systems

    Bargain Value PA Systems

    When creating the EPA range we listened to our customers to find out what their main concerns are when choosing a PA system. We worked from the ground up, painstakingly sourcing the components for 6 brand new systems based on our customers’ requirements to ensure we could provide the best in quality, price and versatility.

    We’ve selected va

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  8. An Intermediate Guide to Mixing Desks

    In the last article we had a look at the basic functionality shared by all mixers from the standpoint of a typical small mixer. In this article we will expand on this by looking at the features you’ll find on a larger ‘intermediate’ mixer.

    Pro Audio Centre Guide to Mixing Desks

    A quick note about something that’s important to understand when using a mixing desk:


    On a guitar amp or hi-fi system the level controls are usually labelled so that the number ‘1’ represents the lowest level of volume and highe

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  9. Alto Pro Audio Gear now Available

    The Pro Audio Centre team are excited to announce that we are now supplying Alto Professional PA equipment. State of the art design from a team of passionate audio engineers means that Alto can provide superior quality products at an affordable price. When you buy Alto equipment from Pro Audio Centre you can be assured you’re getting high quality gear with top notch customer service and fast delivery times.

    Music Systems for iPad / iPhone and Bluetooth Devices

    If you’ve got an iPad then be sure to check out theiPA Music System, the perfect solution for your home hi-fi, house parties or karaoke. Just slot your iPad into the integrated Universal Dock and hear your tunes over an Alto quality 400W speaker system with 10” low frequency driver. The features don’t end there though- the system includes an ADM10 dynamic mic for karaoke sessions and a contour switch for instant deep bass and sparkling highs. Additional connectivity is supported via a phono input for playback

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  10. Basic Guide to Mixing Desks

    In this article, I’ll be presenting you with a complete beginner’s guide to working your way around small, basic mixers.  This is the first article of several on the subject of mixing desks, this article serving to introduce basic concepts that will be expanded upon in the subsequent articles.

    A Basic Guide To Mixing Desks

    Why do I need a Mixing Desk?

    Mixing desks, also known as mixing consoles, sound boards or simply ‘mixers’, can have a wide range of capabilities and applications. They all however serve the same basic purpose: They combine a number of signals together

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