Archive | March, 2013

Alesis Transactive Wireless

Transactive Wireless at Soundsavers

It was with disappointment that we heard the news that Alesis were to discontinue their incredibly popular Transactive Mobile.  For several years it’s been a real favourite with many of our customers, ranging from Zumba class teachers to buskers.  Whilst there are now several other similar products from different manufacturers out there, the Alesis was […]

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Soundsavers Office Move Complete

As we inch closer to opening the new Leeds store, things are really starting to take shape.  When we first took the keys, the building was in complete disrepair and at times we started to question whether we were making the right move. One month has since passed and the building has been subject to […]

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Leeds Pro Audio Store Set to Open Soon

It’s been months in the making but we’ve finally moved into our new offices today!  The paint isn’t quite dry and we’re still carpet-less but we’ve got the basics..  running water, kettle, Internet and stereo. The shop floor is coming along nicely and we’re hoping to open our doors to the public in a couple […]

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