Archive | October, 2012

Basic Guide to Mixing Desks

Small Mixer

In this article, I’ll be presenting you with a complete beginner’s guide to working your way around small, basic mixers.  This is the first article of several on the subject of mixing desks, this article serving to introduce basic concepts that will be expanded upon in the subsequent articles. Why do I need a Mixing […]

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Basics of Equalisation

Equalisation is the name given to the process of boosting or cutting frequencies to improve the tonal quality of your sound system.  In this short article I’ll give you my views on equalisation, how it can help and where to get started. How can equalisation help me? Equalisation can improve your sound noticeably and improve […]

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How to Wire Mono Jack Type Speaker Plugs

In this article, I’ll explain how to wire a conventional mono jack speaker plug.  The article assumes  you have cables, plugs, wire strippers, solder and soldering iron. Check which kind of 1/4-inch jack you need. The cables and jacks are available in both mono and stereo. Remove the outer shielding from the audio cable if […]

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An Introduction to LED Disco Lighting in 2013

LED Disco Lighting

The world of disco lighting is incredibly exciting and fast moving with manufacturers fighting tooth and nail to bring out the newest styles and technologies to dazzle crowds at parties, clubs and festivals. As the nights grow longer now is a great time to look at the different types of disco lights on the market […]

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