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  1. HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 Review

    When you work at a shop specialising in PA equipment, choosing what PA to buy for yourself is both an easy and difficult choice.  Easy because I’ve got gear from some of the world’s best brands to demo to my heart’s content.  But also difficult because I know just how many great options there are on the market.  So after weeks of painstaking consideration, what did I go for? The Lucas Nano 300 from HK Audio. Here’s why.

    Lucas Nano 300


    The Lucas Nano 300 comes packaged as a subwoofer with integrated mixer and two satellites – not a lot different to many other compact PA systems currently available.  That, however, is where the similarity ends.  First of all I was amazed to find when picking up the system for the fi

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  2. Pro Audio Centre New Website Launch!

    Following a busy few months of planning and designing, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. 

    We have dragged Pro Audio Centre into the 21st century with a clean and modern interface that makes browsing simple and efficient. The reasoning behind our new website is down to you, our customers. You spoke and we listened. A number of you reported that a more in-depth attribute filter would help you locate the perfect product faster, and this is one of many improvements we have added to our site. You can now filter by price, colour, size, power, brand, RMS and more until you have narrowed your search down to products that are ideal for you.

    Over 50% of you stated that improved navigation would help you browse our site in a more efficient manner. In response, we have employed a contemporary dynamic design to ensure categories, reviews and products are displayed optimally. Furthermore, our search engine has been given a complete m

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  3. Alesis Transactive Wireless

    It was with disappointment that we heard the news that Alesis were to discontinue their incredibly popular Transactive Mobile.  For several years it’s been a real favourite with many of our customers, ranging from Zumba class teachers to buskers.  Whilst there are now several other similar products from different manufacturers out there, the Alesis was the first of its kind and it built a solid reputation for being a great little performer and selling at a price that didn’t break the bank.

    So we were excited to hear that Alesis were to plug the gap in their offering with the all-new Transactive Wireless.  At first glance, it looks the same and there are indeed many similarities.  The newer model is almost the same weight and size, has the same size 8” driver and benefits from an internal battery.

    Alesis Transactive

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  4. Kris Reaches the Regional Finals of Open Mic UK

    Soundsavers’ employee Kris Heath has been successful in getting through to the Regional Finals of a national talent competition, Open Mic UK.

    Kris, who performs under the name ‘Goldfish Bowl’, auditioned along with thousands of other acts around the country and is now competing for a place at the National Finals within The O2 in London. The Regional Final will be a live performance taking place at Dewsbury Town Hall on Saturday 13th October in front of hundreds of audience members and a professional judging panel. Previous winner Hatty Keane has been signed to BGM music and thousands of pounds worth of prizes are up for grabs.

    Kris will be performing his own song “Solving a Riddle” on the night, accompanied by his friend Girish on the guitar.

    Good luck Kris!

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  5. HH Tessen and Tessen X now on demo at Pro Audio Centre

    We think that HH Electronics’ gear might be the best kept secret in the Pro Audio world.  Founded in the 60’s in Cambridge, HH Electronics has long been a staple for music industry professionals when it comes to guitar amps.  In the modern era they provide high-end PA systems informed by 50 years of design and engineering here in the UK.  The result truly needs to be heard to be believed.

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  6. Open Day, September 16th 2014

    Pro Audio Centre plays host to audio giants Electro-Voice and Dynacord as well as lighting specialist Prolight at our Leeds store’s Open Day on Tuesday 16th September 2014.  Electro-Voice products available for demonstration on the day include the new ETX range, as well as the best selling ZLX active speakers.

    Dynacord’s Powermate 600-3 2000W mixer and their VA 312-200 PA system will also be on display.

    Pro lighting will also feature at the Open Day, with the latest in LED effects, moving heads, scanners, stage wash and par cans on display from Prolight brands Equinox, eLumen8, LEDJ and Acme Lighting.

    Pro Audio Centre will be providing refreshments throughout the day and special discounts will be available in-store to those attending. The Open Day takes place on Tuesday 16th September between 1pm and 7pm at our Leeds showroom: 

    Pro Audio Centre Customer Entrance (Access via Headingley Taps Car Park)
    North Lan
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  7. Dynacord Dealership Agreed

    At Pro Audio Centre we pride ourselves in our ability to provide performers, venues and public organisations with the best quality PA brands available on the market. Which is why we're so excited to now be able to offer you the full Dynacord range - public address equipment that's been designed with ‘German Engineering Excellence’ to be the best in its class. Throughout the 20th century and up to the present day, Dynacord has been exclusively designed and manufactured in Germany using world class research and technology. Their commitment to quality shows - as well as offering a level of performance respected throughout the industry, Dynacord boasts a failure rate of less than 1%.


    Corus Evolution

    The Dynacord CORUS-Evolution series of passive spe

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  8. Beginner's Guide to Home Recording: Part 2

    In Part 1we looked at what equipment you need to get started with home recording. In this article we will go through how to put your gear into use to make a home recording, step by step.

    Step 1: Prepare your room

    Before recording it’s a good idea to find a suitable room to record in, or at least make some basic preparations. What you want to achieve here is a ‘dry’ recording, meaning that you are getting as much of the sound as possible directly from source, whilst minimising the reflected sound coming back from the walls of the room. Curtains, sofas, bookcases or anything else that will absorb or break up reflections are good, and yes, hanging up some duvets can be a big help. In recent years ‘portable vocal booths’ (semi-circles of reflective material attached to a mic stand) have become very popular, and can provide a very respectable control of reflections on a budget. When recording vocal takes, ‘pop’ sounds from certain syllables can ruin otherwise good recor

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  9. Numark Mixtrack Quad Review

    When browsing online looking to purchase a DJ controller, it was essential that my chosen controller would allow me to construct a four deck mix when practising. As the proud owner of four Pioneer CDJ 800s, planning a DJ set can be somewhat time consuming, as the only way to practise is to burn countless CD’s (this particularly applies if you are mixing on more then 2 decks). I was looking for a way of piecing together my DJ sets without having to burn CD’s, and rely on all my equipment to be set up at the same time.

    Numark Mixtrack Quad

    As a regular club DJ, keeping up with technology and adapting to new equipment is forever an ongoing battle, and investing in new DJ gear on a tight budget can be tricky to say the least. I stumbled across the Numark Mix Track Quad and was amazed by how cheap it was, especially whe

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  10. Yamaha STAGEPAS 400i & 600i Review

    Yamaha Stagepas

    The ‘portable’ sector of the PA market is growing fast with manufacturers competing to meet the demand for systems that are compact, easy to transport and simple to use. Pro Audio veterans Yamaha made a splash in 2006 with the STAGEPAS series, a range of portable PA’s consisting of two speakers and a mixer/amp unit. Providing great sound quality whilst only taking up a tiny footprint, Yamaha STAGEPAS systems have been a long standing favourite for solo performers, community centres and schools.

    Now Yamaha has revamped the STAGEPAS range with the 400i and 600i. From the moment the first demo units arrived at our showroom, they became a firm favourite with the staff and customers. Yamaha have built on the success of the first STAGEPAS systems with an even better quality sound output and a set of features t

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